The simplest system for the boat rental market

If you are looking for a way to enter the world of boat rental and chartering in Italy and Europe, but you are not familiar with the specific dynamics and do not have time to acquire them, you are in the right place.
Would you like to offer a super exclusive service to the clients of your seaside bed & breakfast?
Do you have a pier available on the sea or lake and want to use it for leasing your fleet?
Do you want to take up a new job in a dynamic and exciting industry like tourism?


What is it all about?

Easy Boat Rent System is turnkey system designed by PeterNautica that has one goal: to make your boat rental and charter business simple (for you and the end customer), fast and profitable.
We have designed a modular system that draws on the PeterNautica team's industry experience and transfers the know-how to you, the renter or lessor, ensuring minimal initial investment.
Easy Boat Rent System allows you to skip all the bureaucratic steps involved in buying a boat and paperwork related to leasing, being operational immediately after you make the purchase.

Boat monitoring system

Keep track of your fleet at all times, thanks to the monitoring system that will allow you to always know where your vessels are, while also ensuring the safety of boaters.

Online reservation system

Automate the booking process for end customers and increase the efficiency of your business.

Technical training

The Peternautica team will provide you with comprehensive technical training so that you can take full advantage of the EBRS system.

Marketing tools

Also at your disposal are a series of marketing tools aimed at giving prominence and visibility to your business!

Want to start setting up your fleet?

Select vessel
The present model is designed to provide your clients with maximum comfort and safety at sea. Very easy to drive, these boats express high performance and low fuel consumption, presenting themselves as perfect rentals and charters. They are equipped with all essential accessories, and can be implemented with a wide range of professional options.
Select an engine
Outboard, 4-cylinder, agile, powerful, snappy and thrifty engines are ideal for driving boats without a boat license. Perfect, therefore, for mounting on boats intended for leasing or renting!
Choose options and accessories
Complete your fleet with a range of additional accessories and services designed for you by EBRS! From professional set-up to cleaning and washing kits to services for you the landlord, including a fully configured remote monitoring system and a customizable online booking system.